Frequently asked questions about Jamalife

Frequently Asked Questions: Jamalife Helpers Global ltd

Frequently Asked Questions: Jamalife Helpers Global ltd
Frequently Asked Questions: Jamalife Helpers Global ltd

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In this article I will be talking about the above mentioned topic “Jamalife Helpers Global Frequently Asked Questions. I will at the same time touch the unique selling points of this noble organization. Follow me into Jamalife Helpers Global Frequently Asked Questions

We want to partner with people all over the world both online and offline. This partnership will increase your worth as a partner. We will help both privileged and less privileged individuals. To move to a beneficial point of being of great help to our larger society.

We shall take you through an experience of personal development, impactful projects and financial prosperity.

Jamalife Helpers Global Ltd


Some of the unique selling points of Jamalife includes:


Frequently Asked Questions:: Jamalife Helpers Limited

1. It is very affordable

2. It has means of withdrawal for both local and foreign members

3. It is service based so you need not sell any product

4. It is 100% transparent and simple to understand

5. We are not Faceless


Frequently Asked Questions: Jamalife Helpers Limited

6. It a global business module

7. It is real, has so many evidence & proves

8. It is approved by Government of all Nations where we operate in

9. Its once in a lifetime payment, no Partnership renewal

10. It is people base module

Some Questions From Prospects

Jamalife Frequently Asked Questions

Section 1

Question 1: Can I register more than one account?

Answer1: Yes, if you wish. I’ll advise you to do that. I will create your first account and then you put the rest under you.

Question 2: Is this networking?

Answer 2: It is simply a referral system where you earn commission and incentives for referring only 2 people.

Section 2

Question 3: What if I can’t get someone to refer?

Answer 3: You are expected to refer just 2 people but should in case you don’t know 2 people to refer, you will still get spillovers

Question 4: If I don’t refer people, will I still earn?

Answer 4: Yes, dear, you will, since the system allows spillover but I will advise you to refer your 2 (two) downline so as to move up fast.

Section 4

Question 5: What’s spillover?

Answer 5: Spillover: a system whereby you get downlines added to your own matrix as a result of your upline/sponsor registering an extra number of persons.

Question 6: Why are we paying into an individual’s account?

Answer 6: The NGO is not a Nigerian company and hence does not have a naira account. Registration fee is $5. So, I buy dollars ($) from the upline/headquarters to register you.

Question 7: Can’t I buy it myself?

Answer 7: You can. But you need to have your own account which creates an e-wallet to receive dollars for further registrations.

Section 5

Question 8: Is this real??? This looks like a scam.

Answer 8: It is 100% real. Diamond Bank are all partners with Jamalife helpers global limited. It can’t be a scam when these reputable banks are involved. Just be grateful it is happening in our lifetime.

Question 9: Okay. How do I register?

Answer 9: You will need to either register directly in the organization website and there after send your payment to your upline to be that is the person that referred you to eh business who will use his or her wallet to pay for you and get you your own wallet. Get more detail.

Question 10: How will I know I have been registered?

Answer 10: You’ll get a mail from Jamalife Helpers Global Limited. The mail contains your login details.

Section 6

Question 11: How can I convince someone to join?

Answer 11: It is not difficult but we don’t convince prospects. We are decision collectors. We show you the plan, you like it, you come on board.

Question 12: After registration, what next?

Answer 12: After registration, you have access to the JHGL profile, you join our main team and learn techniques of advertising the business to others so they can sign up too with you as a sponsor. YOU are entitled to $0.50 of every donation, instant bonuses and other incentives like laptops /Ipads and cars. If you adopt our multiple accounts system, you earn multiple times until you are a millionaire.

Get Started Today

To get started with this business opportunity you only need to get two people to join you. It’s a referral programme. Doing that has made you to successfully set up a business that can get you the cars, houses, and other life daily required asset or incentives. And also you will be guarantee of your food security;

Among many other partners the company has partnered with or have a good support from Shoprite where you have vouchers you take to any of their outlets to get food on your table. See Some Testimonies

To Register An Account

Register and Start Enjoying The financial empowerment in Jamalife

JOIN MY EXPLOSIVE TEAM. GET MASSIVE BENEFITS FROM TEAM SPILLOVERS. It is very easy to join Jamalife network marketing business. It will not take up to 10 minutes for your registration to be completed. JOIN OUR WHATSAPP HELP GROUP. FOR NECESSARY HELP TO GET STARTED. REGISTER TODAY!

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