How To register An Account In Jamalife Helpers Global

Jamalife Helpers Global: How To Register Account.

How to Register Account In Jamalife Helpers Global Limited.

Jamalife Helpers Global: How To Register Account

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It is very simple to register account or accounts with Jamalife Helpers Global organization. In this article I will be taking you through the steps you require to own an account. To start with let me tell you what Jamalife Helpers Global is all about.

What Is Jamalife Helpers All About?

Jamalife Helpers Global is online and offline network marketing organization and was born out of the need to build up people financially through empowerment training and network marketing to publicize the organization all across the globe so that people can experience high quality life in all areas of living.

I want you to understand something, success is not meant for all, it is only meant for those who are risk-takers despite their falls in other business. Jamalife helpers global limited is an amazing MLM Company with mouth-watering incentives, and very affordable to join. Join our WhatsApp group for seminars and training on how to make the best from this business. Click here to join now

Jamalife Registration Fee

JAMALIFE Registration Fee is $5 everywhere in the world. It is ONE TIME payment. Wherever you are in the world, you can just register account now to experience this awesome opportunity turning just $5 into millions within a few months.

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It is very easy to join Jamalife network marketing business, it will not take up to 10 minutes for your registration to be completed.

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JAMALIFE Registration Fee is $5 everywhere in the world.


Here are some of the fees based on teh currency value of the following countries. Just to list few. EUR – Euro. = EUR4.75GBP – British Pound = GBP4.5INR – Indian Rupee = INR400AUD – Australian Dollar = AUD10CAD – Canadian Dollar = CAD10SGD – Singapore Dollar = SGD10MYR – Malaysian Ringgit = MYR30JPY – Japanese Yen = JPY600CNY

Chinese Yuan Renminbi = CNY45NZD – New Zealand Dollar = NZD10HKD – Hong Kong Dollar = HKD50MXN – Mexican Peso = MXN130PHP – Philippine Peso = PHP300BRL – Brazilian Real = BRL25BYN – Bolivar Belansian = BYN15CHF – Swiss Franc = CHF5SEK – Swedish Krone = SEK60NOK – Norwegian Krone = NOK50PKR – Pakistani Rupee = PKR600ILS – Israeli Shekel = ILS25TWD – Taiwan New Dollar = TWD200ARS – Argentine Peso = ARS120


NGN – Nigerian Naira = NGN2,000. EGP – Egyptian Pound = EGP120NAD – Namibian Dollar = NAD100GHC – Ghanaian Cedi = GHC30KSH – Kenya Shillings = KSH575TSH – Tanzania = TSH12,500CFA – Cameroon. = CFA3,500ZMD – Zimbabwe Dollar = ZMD20SAR – South African Rand = SAR100BWP – Botswana Pula = BWP90UGX

Uganda Shilling = UGX20,000SLL – Sierra Leonean Leone = SLL42,500TGF – Togo =F6,000ZMW – Zambian Kwacha =ZMW100MAD – Moroccan Dinar =MAD60TND – Tunisian Dinar =TND20. SUPPORT: +234 816 8443641 or +254705451310 ( Whatsapp or Call) for Help.


Understand The Account Set Up

You have to understand this account set up and cost above in your country currency so that you can make a wise choice of how many accounts you will set up. I advise you to start with three (3) at least if you can afford it or more because it will speed up your earnings and make you get to the level of the incentives and the millions. that I am speaking or advising from my experience over time in the business.

How to do registration in Jamalife helpers global Website

Option A: Registration on Jamalife helpers global Website

Step One to Three

1) The first option is the Sponsor ID write Stepheola in the Sponsor ID Box. Never click on “I don’t have sponsor’s option”. And a box below it. fill in the username of the account you want the new account to go under.
2) The next one is User Information you are to put the username for the account you want to create at the space below the Username. You will also see Tips to Create Strong Password. You can click to read through it.
3) The next section is for Password, fill in the password for the new account properly and correctly. You will also see another box for you to Confirm the Password please confirm it.

Step Four to Seven

4) Next is the Package and the Payment Information. The Joining Package is [$5.00].

5) The next option is to Select the Payment option, you are to select E-Wallet. They will also demand you to provide your E-Wallet ID / Username and E-Wallet Password. Fill in the username and e-wallet password containing the dollars you want to use for registration.
6) The next option is Package Amount which is $ 5.00
7)The next option is your Personal Information You will see Titles. You are to select one out of these options Mr, Ms, Mrs.

Step Eight To Eveven

8) After that, you are to fill in your Mobile Number which is a box after your Country Code. Select your country code as well.
9) The next box is to provide your Email address. Input your email properly because login information will be sent there.
10) The next is the Security Question & Answer you are to Choose one question out of these options After that you are to provide your Hint Answer this means the answer to the hint question you’ve chosen.
11) Don’t forget to check the small box beside the sign-up button.

Option B: Registration on Jamalife helpers global Through Upline

This option is very important as it is the most used and option to register an account. This Option allows your up-line to register you directly through his or her wallet. Getting the wallet to fund the new account for the newly to be member is always an issue simply because he or she is new and have no wallet. Hence your to be up-line will be able to help you out.

All you need to do is to consult with him and he or she will surely get you sorted out. You will have to send your registration due to him or her as your up-line and he will transfer the jamalife wallet to your created account then you can be able to register and register others.

Register account using option B

If you will like to register account for your self right now please follow the following steps using the Option B.

First Name …………..
Last Name ..,………..
Date of Birth ……….
Home Address ……
City …………
State ………….
Country ………..
Phone number …….
Email Address ……..

Send The Detail To The Address Below

To Get Registered to Jamalife Helpers Global, Fill This Registration Form send to us via Whatapps or text message to +254-705451310 or +234 – 8168443641
You can send us the filled detail through the following email: and copy with the receipt of your payment.

Here are the frequently asked questions about Jamalife Helpers global Limited. Ten Truth about Jamalife Helpers Global you need to know here. Jamalife Business plan here

Do Not Procrastinate:

Join Jamalife Helpers Global Today: It is an amazing opportunity that can transform anyone’s life within a short period of time and also help you to transform others around you., It is very clear that everyone needs this opportunity either to help your own finances or people around you.

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We Want To Be Your Upline

Register and join our group: For sponsor use Stepheola when registering on the website. The website for sign up is If you need help during the registration either with how to fund your wallet or any other please WhatsApp or call +254-705451310 or +234-8168443641.

You can email to and or

You can join our WHATSAPP GROUP here to find immediate help


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46 thoughts on “Jamalife Helpers Global: How To Register Account.”

  1. Really what to register , how can I do it . really like the jamalife family. And I hope to bring more people to join the family.

    1. I like JHG and I wish to register. Am in south east, ebonyi state to be precis. Is there any office within or someone close that can assist?

    1. I advise you get back to the person who registered you. I mean Your upline He will be the best person to remind you of some details you have registered with. Thank you Nhlanhla.

    1. Great! Good to hear from you Mere Virisova Cama. This works in all nations and from any where in this world. I am glad to tell you it can work for you… I am deeply Sorry for this late response. Follow this link to join our presentation and get started support WhatsApp group: I will be waiting there to welcome you and help you get started runing this amazing money making opportunity.

      Thanks you
      Baraka Steve

  2. please i want to join jamalife and need sponsor please. i have registered it online, but they ask me for E-wallet ID and username/password, and don’t have them.

    1. You are highly welcome Dickson.

      I am deeply Sorry for late response.

      Please contact me on whats app: +254 705 451 310 or +234 816 844 3641.

      I am very ready to help and run this business with you as a partner.


  3. please Steve i need sponsor. have register it online, but they asked me for E-wallet ID, username and password; and i don’t know how to enter them. can u help me please

    1. Yes i can Dickson.
      I am deeply Sorry for late response.

      This is a time to work from home. and this is an opportunity Jamalife Helpers Global offer people with a very low investment. I mean one time forever investment.Let me know where i can come in to help you i am very ready


    1. You are welcome Balle Duke. I will be glad to be a business Partner in Jamalife with you.

      Stay Blessed and stay safe
      I am deeply Sorry for late response.


    1. Hi Lebogang. Jamalife Helpers Limited is an international organisation and does business as an international organization. The transaction currency is dollar. Meaning anyone from any country can do it. Secondly anyone from any country can be an upline or refer anyone from any other country of the world. I will not like to refer you to anyone but would like to assist you to register and we can work together as a team.

      Please i am expecting your reply.
      Thank you
      Looking Forward to work with you in Jamalife.

  4. Hey guys I was introduced to jamalife by a friend and we intend to build our own team and I have this one question I to ask which is incase you build your own team of 14 members in case all of u get to level or stage 5 upward where u have the addition bonus of cash incentives and shopping vouchers and after the whole team has completed these levels. Is this cash incentive or vouchers or medical insurance land mini SUV and the rest attributed to all the 14 members of the team or it is given just to the team leader or founder.

    1. Please Join our whatsapp group for better understanding of how Jamalife works and how to join especially for help. Here is the link –

      Waiting to have you in the group. Thank you or Private chat with me on +234 8168443641

    1. Any Organization that is registered with the Government is always real. It is dangerous to play pranks why? The government of all nations arrest the directors of the companies if they are registered when reported playing cheats on people. So I say to you boldly that THIS IS REAL AND FOR LIFE! Would you rather join us today? I wait to hear from you


  5. How do one fund his or her e-wallet on jama life after registration?

    I’m from Nigeria, so will my naira debit card suffice?

  6. Pls I would love to join…am new here though…even after my registration I’ll still need some…way up tips…the best ones I can get…thank you…

  7. Exceptional read, Positive site, where did u come
    up with all the info on this posting? I have read a few of
    the articles on your site now, and I love your style.

    King regards,
    Harrell Henneberg

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