Jamalife Helpers Global Ltd: What to know before you register.

Truth To Know About Jamalife Helpers Global​

Best Legit Work From Home in 2020

Before you continue reading about Jamalife Helpers Global business plan and pay plan, please read about the issue of Jamalife helpers global with security exchange commission (SEC) that made ends operation and business. Click here to read about Security Exchange Commission and Jamalife helpers Global. Do not be a victim. Click to read.

I quite agree that what we do today can impact our tomorrow. In fact i believe that if we fail to see through to tomorrow and plan for it, we have successfully designed a system that will make us regret our existence tomorrow.

Relax and see as I show to you all you should know about Jamalife Helpers Global Ltd. I call it my Best Work From Home Job. This is the major reason why i want to show you the Truths about Jamalife Helpers Global Ltd company before you invest into it.

Jamalife Helpers Global​

Jamalife Helpers Global is an online cum offline network marketing organization. And it was born out of the need to build up people financially across the globe. To the point of experiencing high-quality life in all areas of living. The founding members are all networkers with experience and different kinds of connections all over the world.

They have combined business experience of over 60 years. Jamalife Helpers Global aimed to bring a change to the quality of life of their partners. Looking at the objective of the company, Indeed This is a good Work From Home Job in 2020 and beyond

Born Out Of Believe

Car award: Jamalife Rocks

Jamalife Helpers founders believe that experiencing financial freedom which is the desire of everyone does not really need to cost a fortune.

By experience they have noted that by starting small, ordinary people can move from one level of financial upliftment to next higher level. To a point where even people around you can call you blessed.

By the end of this article you will be able to know if this business worth it as a good legit work from Job. Jamalife acknowledges the dedication and hard work of its top partners and rewards them with all expenses paid travel incentives, cars, houses, household, and office gadgets to further inspire them to excel in their networking experience.


“To be a dream achiever and a networker’s network. Search out for innovative ways to build up our organization to achieve a high quality of life and prosperity for our partners and the less privileged members of the larger society. Foster an atmosphere of positive attitude, consistent high performance, joy and happiness for all partners to achieve great success and all their dreams”.


“We will always ensure we engage in activities that will eradicate poverty by empowering our partners to move up to the next higher level in life. Human capital development of both the privileged partners and the less privileged members of society to a point of achieving all their dreams in life. To the less privileged, we target to serve as help partners to convert them to become helpers of destiny to other people”.

Jamalife Got Established Officially In Nigeria On The 14th Of December 2016. It Got Registered Under A Registration Body Known As Corporate Affairs Commission. JHG Nigeria Reg. Number Is RC1380265 To Verify The Authenticity Of J.H.G Registration In Nigeria. This is a Legal business of-course Best Work From Home Job in 2020 and many years to come.


The same way we have the Organisation registered in many other Countries around the world. Jamalife Helpers Global wants to extend this Best Legit Work From Home Opportunity to everyone who have a desire to be great financially especially to have financial freedom with little money to invest that can in few months turn into millions.

Register today for this Work From Home Job.

Jamalife: Business Plan

I boldly recommend this Best Work From Home Job in 2020 and year beyond to you.

As a registered member, you will enjoy the services of Jamalife helpers global which include

*Human capital development through free skill acquisition training’s

*Food security through agricultural and other projects

*Online Mall for various goods and services

*Flight and Hotel Booking

*Asset and property acquisition and

*Financial Empowerment.

Become An Affiliate / Partner Of Jamalife Helpers Global.

Becoming An Affiliate On The Jamalife Helpers Global Platform Is Simple, Easy And Everyone Can Do It. Simply The Best Business Opportunity With Just A One Time Out of Pocket of Just $5 Only. All This Cash And Non-Cash Incentives Could be Yours Simply Sign Up, Become An Affiliate And Follow Our Simply Instructional Process. With this, you can use it to raise money to actualize your dream or build it as a full-time business.

JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL LTD is The Easiest, Reliable And Affordable Network Marketing (MLM) Business. Join our Whatsapp Group for daily presentation, just click this link

Begin With One Account

Jamalife Helpers Global registration is $5 per account. This registration amount for an account vary from one country to another depending on the international value of the money to dollar.

If you are registering multiple accounts, simply multiply the number of accounts by your country sign up fee. For sponsor use Stepheola as your sponsor. The website for sign up is www.jamalifehelpersglobal.com. If you need help please WhatsApp at +254-705451310 or +234-8168443641. You can as well email to business@onlinecashearning.com and copy biznfortune@gmail.com


Jamalife Helpers Global ltd

Here are some of the fees based on teh currency value of the following countries. Just to list few. EUR – Euro. = EUR4.75GBP – British Pound = GBP4.5INR – Indian Rupee = INR400AUD – Australian Dollar = AUD10CAD – Canadian Dollar = CAD10SGD – Singapore Dollar = SGD10MYR – Malaysian Ringgit = MYR30JPY – Japanese Yen = JPY600CNY

Chinese Yuan Renminbi = CNY45NZD – New Zealand Dollar = NZD10HKD – Hong Kong Dollar = HKD50MXN – Mexican Peso = MXN130PHP – Philippine Peso = PHP300BRL – Brazilian Real = BRL25BYN – Bolivar Belansian = BYN15CHF – Swiss Franc = CHF5SEK – Swedish Krone = SEK60NOK – Norwegian Krone = NOK50PKR – Pakistani Rupee = PKR600ILS – Israeli Shekel = ILS25TWD – Taiwan New Dollar = TWD200ARS – Argentine Peso = ARS120


Jamalife Helpers Global ltd in Africa

NGN – Nigerian Naira = NGN2,000. EGP – Egyptian Pound = EGP120NAD – Namibian Dollar = NAD100GHC – Ghanaian Cedi = GHC30KSH – Kenya Shillings = KSH575TSH – Tanzania = TSH12,500CFA – Cameroon. = CFA3,500ZMD – Zimbabwe Dollar = ZMD20SAR – South African Rand = SAR100BWP – Botswana Pula = BWP90UGX

Uganda Shilling = UGX20,000SLL – Sierra Leonean Leone = SLL42,500TGF – Togo =F6,000ZMW – Zambian Kwacha =ZMW100MAD – Moroccan Dinar =MAD60TND – Tunisian Dinar =TND20. SUPPORT: +234 816 8443641 or +254705451310 ( Whatsapp or Call) for Help.


Jamalife Helpers Global: All You Need To Know

Let me give you an introduction to Jamalife Helpers Global. Jamalife Helpers Global is the most reliable, rewarding and affordable network marketing opportunity in Africa. Registration costs only $5 per account. Jamalife allows multiple accounts, meaning you can register as many accounts as you can manage because dormant accounts can reduce your potential to excel in the business.

For instance, only duplicate yourself into a number of times or accounts that you can refer partners to. This is what you need to know about the number of accounts you can register to your name or number of times you can duplicate yourself.

Best Work From Home Job in 2020

If you join Jamalife Helpers Global with a single account, you only need to refer two people. However, because of the multiplier effect of multiple accounts and speed, you are advised to have more than a single account. If there is any regret one can have in Jamalife helpers global, is to register with only one account, in the future you will wish you did multiple accounts, because of the benefits of multiple accounts.

It is advised to start with three or seven accounts for effective management, easy referral and fast recovery of investment and followed by profits and incentives. Here are number of accounts and referrals needed:

Number of accounts and referrals

All You Need To Know About Jamalife Helpers Global ltd

1 account refer 2 people, 3 accounts refer 4 people, 7 accounts refer 8 people, 15 accounts refer 16 people, 31 accounts refer 32 people, 63 accounts refer 64 people, 127 accounts refer 128 people, 255 accounts refer 256 people, 511 accounts refer 512 people,1023 accounts refer only 1024 people, etc.

This is not an investment platform, where one rich dude will come and duplicate himself in 1023 places and expect his money to multiply. If he put in $5115 to register 1023 accounts, in order to multiply his money, and cannot refer 1024 people into your team within a short period of time, your money will hag and you will be running at loss.

This is the reason people’s money often get stuck in “Fast Track,” and then they blame it on the network company. The way to the top in network marketing is only Team Building (Referral + support).

Here are two factors to look at before registering on Jamalife Helpers Global Ltd.

The First Factor

The reward at each stage is multiplied by the number of accounts (number of places you are duplicated). For example, if you register 7 accounts. When each of your account finishes the stage 6 (six), you will get a car incentive for each of your account and $11,200. Which is equivalent to N4,480,000 in Nigeria, R1,120,000 in South Africa, 336,000 GHC in Ghana, etc. This means, when your 7 accounts all finished stage 6, you would have received seven (7) cars plus $11,200 × 7 = $78,400. Which is N31,360,000, R7,840,000 and 2,352,000 GHC respectively.

The second factor

You need to consider when joining (registering for) Jamalife Helpers Global limited is, how many active people can you refer or invite to establish your business in Jamalife. The referral is where the work is. If referring two people will make you qualify for a Range Rover worth $170,000 (N68,000,000), a house worth $300,000 (N120,000,000) and cash of $280,000 (N112,000,000) in one stage in the future, is it worth it.

Refer the two, go to rest and wait until you are pushed to that stage. It will be longer but it will come.


Based on the two variables stated in the paragraphs above. I recommend a minimum of 3 accounts and a maximum of 31 accounts. This means: I can only recommend four packages to choose from, which are: 3 accounts = $15 package, 7 accounts = $35 package, 15 accounts = $75 package, and 31 accounts = $155 package.

Special NOTE:

For starters, I encourage you to do the $15 or $35 package. Meaning you have to sponsor 4 persons or 8 persons. Then for super-achievers, who are successful networkers, they can start with the $75 or $155 package. Meaning they have to sponsor 16 people or 32 people to establish their team.

NOTE: Whichever package you choose to register for the sign-up fee is a one-time payment. No maintenance fee or auto-ship. This is your Best Work From Home Job in this 2020 and many other years to come.


Whatsapp or Call on +234 816 8443641 or +254705451310 for Help. For sponsor or referrer during registration use Stepheola. Visist Jamalife Website for the registration and other details. You can as well for assistance email to business@onlinecashearning.com and copy biznfortune@gmail.com

JAMALIFE HELPERS GLOBAL LTD is The Easiest, Reliable And Affordable Network Marketing (MLM) Business. Join our Whatsapp Group for daily presentation, just click this link

Best Work From Home Job in 2020: Turn $5 Into Millions in No Time

The video Below is done in the equivalent of Nigeria Naira. If you will like to have a presentation video in your own country’s money or currencies pleas comment in the comment space below this article to request the video to be sent to you or go to our contact page on this website to request. As well the support detail above can be used to reach us.


Jamalife Helpers Global Limited. Best, fastest, easiest and legit way to Make Money Working From Home in Nigeria and every other country this year 2020 and many years to come.

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  1. Sir , according to what you have written, you said people from Nigeria will start this business with a little amount of money like 2000 naira, but yesterday when I join you on Whatsapp your colleague attend to me , we even have video call I asked her that how much will someone will have to qualify for the investment she told me that stating amount is 25000 naira, so comparing this information with yours I don’t really know which one to follow.
    Sir please this is where IAM confused

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