No More Jamalife Helpers Global: Don’t Be A Victim

Before you continue reading about Jamalife Helpers Global business plan and payment. Before you make up your mind to invest in Jamalife Helpers Global. You need to know that, there is no more Jamalife Helpers Global: Don’t Be A Victim!

You need to read about the issue of Jamalife helpers global with security exchange commission (SEC) that made Jamalife Helpers Global shut down operations and business. Please take note that Jamalife helpers global was registered with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the corporate affairs commission – (CAC). Meaning that it was a legal establishment. The problem that made jamalife to close business was not because it was fraudulent.

The Reason was because they did not have product. The Security  Exchange Commission (SEC) requires any company running multilevel marketing like Jamalife Helpers Global to have product. I mean to have tangible product(s). It was hard doing that on the currently running Jamalife Helpers Global at that time, that made the directors to shut down the operation of Jamalife.

One of the Directors who happened to be the visionary, the main founder and the brain behind the jamalife Helpers global decided to re-lunch again, and that is what gave birth to Xoxolife global Limited. – The company completed the process late last year 2020.

It is now stronger and better than how it was in the days of Jamalife helpers global. The registration certificate with CAC, and EFCC are available and posted on all the Business and pay plan presentation platforms. That tells you that like Jamalife, Xoxolife global is a genuine company

Still paying as it was in Jamalife helpers global but better and stronger than in Jamalife name. You are welcomed to run with us in this amazing and most rewarding business opportunity. It will interest you to know that Jamalife did not just end operations. All the members or the investors that are interested to continue their business with Jamalife were given free opportunity to continue their business under the new company called Xoxolife Global.

Free accounts was given to all partners’ to the level where they were in the days of Jamalife. Wow! What a lovely, transparent and honest people we at xoxolifeglobal was privileged to have. I mean all partners and investors were moved to the new platform to continue earning from their investment from where they were when the company began. This was done freely without paying anything. If you are a old member please note it is free to continue your jamalife business on this xoxolife platform. That is to tell you that this company has reliable, passionate and caring Directors. 


Be careful of people still advertising Jamalife Helpers Global to you. They are scammers. They have scammed and still scamming people till today. They tell people to pay certain amount and that after few hours they will be credited with double or more of their investment. That is not how we operate in Jamalife and not how we still operate today in xoxolife. Actually that is not possible in any genuine business all over the world. Only thieves fall victim of thief. Don’t be a thief to loose your oney. Please be aware so that you will not become their victim. 

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