Xoxolife Global Limited

Xoxolife Global Limited is a product based multilevel marketing company, and we are bringing to the table the fulfillment of basic need of man up to a point of self actualization.

We all know that the basic need of man is food and shelter. Then others finer things like the quality of the furnishing in your home and beautiful clothing on your body comes later as you move up to the ladder of success.

We have a mission to take all our members and stakeholders through the ladder of success and fulfillment. The founding members are a group of network marketers with many years of successful marketing experience in multilevel marketing.

These are people seeking an opportunity whereby they can make impacts by making the stakeholder successful.  We are here to create success stories for our partners and investors by using our products to bring shelter and more than enough food to our members and the partners or investors, we want our members to be home owners and not just a house but a sweet home filled with beautiful things.

We build ordinary people to become business owner. Come along with us on this success stories creation’s journey. Are you looking for affordable land to build your home? You will find them here in this business, looking for having food supply and at cheaper rate or free? You will find that here in this business.

Our online mall will stock goods from global manufacturers as we enter into the business agreements with them. This will make you shop and earn income as a member or partners and investors in this business. Do you want to learn a new skill in different industries? That you will get for free as a member.

We will help train and develop new skill in people as our corporate responsibility is training people through our free trading and skills acquisition activity with certificate issued to all participants.

Welcome to Xoxolife Global Limited, we are touching lives and empowering people globally.  We use both online and offline marketing system to achieve our target with ease. At Xoxolife Global Limited, food and shelter are guaranteed


Xoxolife Global Limited is a registered organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) and also certified Special Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUML). “Special Control Unit against Money Laundering (SCUML) and Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) are the regulatory authorities for the implementation of the AML/CFT regime in respect to the DNFI sector in Nigeria”. The Certificate is herewith Attached.

THE HEAD OFFICE: No 66 Ogunusi Road, Omole Phase One Gate, Beside Hubmart Supermarket.

Our Website: https://xoxolifeglobal.com. Visit the website to read and learn more about Xoxolife Global Limited.


To become world class multilevel marketing Company that ensures financial upliftment for their member and other Stakeholders who will ensures that our member enjoy basic need of life up to a point of enjoying beautiful things in life and abundance


To build Xoxolife brand into a global company that Forster prosperity of members. We will continue to find innovation to create premium value for all stakeholders in areas of Food, Security and Real Estate and Beautiful things needed by our members and Stakeholders. We will surely touch the life of all stakeholders and empowering to prosperity


These are embedded in the meaning of our name: Love for one another, Integrity, Friendship, Faith in God, Sincerity, Transparent, Unity and Peace.

At Xoxolife Global Limited, we embrace the culture of hard and smart work to achieve our vision and dream in life


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